A routine for cleaning offices allows for faster and more efficient janitorial services ny. The first thing you want to do is to organize everything before you begin to clean. Do the best you can to arrange any items that are in disarray. Let the cleaning begin!

Take care of the little things first like blinds, windows, pictures, and plants to name a few examples.Seating and furniture including the desktop should be free of food and dust.Mirrors and glass tops should be free of smudges.
Dust all computers, phones, and any electronics with a microfiber cloth first, then use a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol to clean and disinfect everything. All electronics are particularly prone to infestation with bacteria and viruses.

Walls make up a large part of the office and cleaning them at least once a year is important for a couple of reasons. The first reason being that cleaning maintains the wallpaper or paint thereby, lengthening their life expectancy. The second reason is when walls are not washed they have a dim appearance and ruin the whole atmosphere even if everything else is clean. Always clean from top to bottom to avoid re-soiling the wall all over again. Dust them first. Next, use a mild dishwashing detergent mixed with warm water to clean them. Using mild detergents safely removes dirt without damaging paint or wallpaper.

  • Cleaning floors and rugs are also important to the overall appearance.
  • Gentle cleansers with a basic pH near 7 are the best for most types of floors.
  • Change the mop head each time to avoid foul odors and germs.
  • For rugs using a professional rug cleaner with hot-water extraction is best.
  • Keep the kitchen area clean for health and safety reasons.
  • Wipe the stove and refrigerator with distilled white vinegar instead of chemicals. R
  • emove trash and outdated food.
  • Clean the sink, dishes, and countertops.

The dirtiest place that needs the most cleaning is the restroom. Using a disinfectant cleaner will help keep everyone healthy. Steps for cleaning should include:

  1. Empty trash
  2. Refill paper products and soap dispensers.
  3. Clean sinks, mirrors, walls, floors and especially doorknobs.
  4. The toilet and urinals should be cleaned on the inside as well as outside.
  5. Pre-treat the inside with a cleaner and allow it to stay for a few minutes before cleaning.
    Keep sanitizer dispensers in heavily used areas such as waiting rooms, entrances and exits.
  6. Always deodorize for a fresh clean smell.

These tips should help keep a clean office and provide effective cleaning.