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We are a company that comes to your house to bust up your dust. Wave good-bye to dirty areas in your house because our trained employees will come and bust it away.

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The products we use are top of the line and made from premium materials. Equipments of pristine quality are used.

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We don’t like the concept of over-charging so we don’t want to rip you off. We will examine your house and quote a price and that will be the price that you pay.

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Think we rest? Nope. We will be accessible all 7 days of the week. After an appointment is made, we will be there within hours, depending on your location.


You will surely be insured for all the services and products we provide.

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Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning carpets and making them neat and clean is well in our arsenal. Don’t worry though; we will be sure to not ruin your expensive carpets. We will definitely use premium equipments to carry out the deeds.

Upholstery Cleaning

The upholstery on your furniture will be cleaner than squeaky clean if our cleaners are allowed to work their magic.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

We will make sure to clean up the property so well that it will seem like the royal family lived there, the last couple of years.

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Tips For Maintaining Carpets

Carpets are not normal cloth materials that can be washed regularly. But at the same time, they are the ones that are exposed to a lot of dirt, dust and stains. Since washing them regularly is close to impossible the only option that we have to take the necessary steps to maintain properly.

Maintaining the carpets not just keeps it clean and dust free. It also contributes to better health of the people. In this article, we will see in detail the tips to maintain carpets properly.

Vacuum often and vacuum rightly

The most important thing that must be done to maintain the carpets is vacuuming. Do not have that lethargic attitude while vacuuming the carpets. Make sure that you concentrate and cover all the areas on the carpet. It is also important that you the right attachment in the vacuum cleaner to achieve good results. Vacuum slowly as there are possibilities that you might destroy the carpet.


Add an extra layer

If your carpet is in the place where people will often be walking it is better to have an extra layer. It is because when people keep walking continuously, there are good chances that the carpet will get destroyed easily. Adding an extra layer will prevent the carpet from undergoing any kind of damage. Generally heavier and thick carpets will last long so adding an extra layer will increase the thickness of the carpets.

Clean the spills quickly

Clean the spills quickly

If you are spilling anything on the carpet make sure that you clean it as soon as possible. It is a situation where you cannot afford to be lazy. It is also important that you do not scrub, you need to dab it. It is because scrubbing will destroy the texture of the carpet fabrics. If you are not acting immediately, then there is no other choice but clean the entire carpet.

Avoid footwear on the carpet

By reading the heading, you can understand that this particular part is entirely dedicated to homes. One of the simplest precautionary measures that you can take to maintain the carpets is not to use footwear while walking over them. It not just destroys the carpet but also makes dirtier.

Stretch it out

Since there are a lot of movements on the carpet, there are good chances that it might fold in some parts. When you see these folds make sure to stretch them. These folds, if they are left for a long time, will affect the life of the carpets and it also provides the space for the dust to settle down on the carpets easily.  There are some carpets that have wrinkle free property, but the normal carpets tend to fold when there are some movements on it.

Let the pros clean it

There are a lot of ways to save money. Cleaning the carpet by yourself is not one of those. If you want to get the carpets cleaned, it is always better to opt for the professionals. It is because they will have the necessary machinery and equipment to do it. The way you do it is nowhere close to their perfection.



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