Epoxy Floor Coatings, when done professionally, can look amazing. Non-flammable natures are also very durable. It can be a very good choice for a garage or basement. The deep gloss gives the floor a fantastic finish and can make the floor stand out, especially when mixed with striking color. Epoxy resin is a tough material. By applying the resin over a flat concrete surface and combining it with concrete, we get a new material that is tougher and harder than the concrete itself. The resin protects the bottom concrete substrate from damage by severe impact or chemical leakage. It is easy to clean and anti-slip properties can be achieved when suitable aggregates are added to the resin base layer. Epoxy Floor Coating is easy to maintain, strong and provides an impenetrable layer of protection.

Here are the 10 most important things about the Epoxy Floor Coating:

  1. The base of the Epoxy Floor is an epoxy resin with additives, added aggregate (quartz sand or the like) and hardener.
  2. You can mix different colors into the epoxy resin to get any shade of the floor. You can choose a smooth surface, a rough or a matte finish.
  3. Epoxy Floor Coverings are resistant to cleaning agents and chemicals. They are resistant to high weight as well as bending.
  4. Epoxy Floors can be exposed to normal load in residential areas or in production, where the floor thickness is about 2 mm.
  5. Epoxy Floor Coatings can be made on a homogeneous, dry, flat, and hard surface;Epoxy Floors can be made in restaurants, hospitals, malls.
  6. Epoxy Coatings require good surface cleaning and preparation in advance.
  7. For the Epoxy Coatings to dry, the room needs to be 55 degrees and the air temperature between 70 and 90 degrees.
  8. Never use an abrasive cleaner, acids or chemicals on Epoxy Coated Floors.
  9. Epoxy Floors meet all the requirements of the HACCP standards and as such are recommended for installation.
  10. The price of the Epoxy Floor Coating varies depending on thickness, and type and ranges from 10 – 15 EUR m2.

Final Thoughts:

Epoxy floor paints are resin-based paints that come in two separate parts and mix before application. There are three different types of epoxy paint: solid, solvent and water-based. The Epoxy Flooring can last up to 25 years and is easy to apply. If you are opting for an Epoxy Floor Coating, then there are several important things to know.