If you are looking to clean your upholstery and you have been considering using a commercial upholstery steam cleaner, then there are a few things that you are going to need to do.

Firstly, it is important that you make sure that you fill up the steam cleaner with water and any recommended cleaning solution that might be needed. Then plug the machine in, set to you desired temperature and leave the steam cleaner to warm up, while you move on to getting the upholstery ready.

Now the biggest mistake that a lot of people do, when it comes to using a commercial upholstery steam cleaner, is that they jump straight in with the cleaner itself, without actually preparing the upholstery first. It is important that you make sure to run a vacuum over the upholstery first, making sure to get some of the surface dirt out first, before you move on to using the steam cleaner itself.

Make sure that you attach the correct cleaning handle to the hose before you begin to clean the upholstery, as different items require a different handle for cleaning. It is important that you make sure that there is no excess water in the hose, so test spray until there is only steam coming out of the cleaner

Before you start to clean the upholstery, make sure that the machine pressure is set to the right level, as too strong could damage the upholstery, while too weak will not give a good enough clean. Now you are almost ready to start cleaning your upholstery.

Finally, make sure that you find an inconspicuous area of the upholstery, so that you can do a test patch with the steam cleaner, making sure that there are no issues. Run the steam clearer over the chosen patch, then leave for 10 to 15 minutes, so that you can give it a thorough inspection, If the area if good to go, then it is time to get cleaning.

Once you have cleaned the whole of the upholstery, it is important that you leave it to completely dry. Meanwhile, it is also important to let the steam cleaner cool down before emptying the machine.

Once the upholstery is fully dry, you will then need to run a vacuum over the upholstery one last time, before you can declare that it has been completely cleaned. Pack the machine away and you are done for the day.

With all that said, there are many different types of commercial upholstery steam cleaners, so it is always important that you read the manual provided to make sure that you are using it in the correct way.