Your home is what you make of it. Participating in routinely clean practices, especially when it comes to your furniture and carpets will ensure its long-term use. A rug can transform a rough and dull-looking place into a cozy and homely room. However, it is vital to clean your mat regularly to ensure it maintains it’s dazzling properties. Such a routine also applies to the cleaning of your residential upholstery. This article discusses everything regarding your carpet and upholstery cleaning!

If it is not already apparent to you, the reason behind why cleaning carpet and residential upholstery is vital is to ensure it keeps its base beauty. Cleaning your home furniture also allows it to maintain its natural aesthetic, riding the carpet of any stains and common odors. With that said, the question of how to clean your carpet and upholstery remains. There are various methods of cleaning your carpet, and residential upholstery, most common of all is the steam cleaning method.

The steam cleaning method, obviously involving a steam cleaner, is quite simple. It is an excellent practice, as it removes dirt and debris clung onto your carpet’s fibers. To ensure you get your carpet cleaned the right way, you should vacuum beforehand. Removing any dirt on the top layer of your carpet. Allowing your steam cleaner to focus on the deeper stains.

Here are the steps of using a steam cleaner:

  • Move any furniture and empty your room, removing all obstacles from your carpet.
  • Vacuum your carpet with a regular vacuum (as mentioned above).
  • Get your steam vacuum ready. Fill the water container component with hot water and carpet soap. Available at grocery stores.
  • Apply your technique. The vacuuming of your room is a transferable skill, so apply your skills to cover all parts of the carpet adequately. With most people starting from the far corner.
  • Let your carpet dry. Open all windows making sure the carpet is thoroughly dry before putting furniture in place or stepping on the rug.

A quick health and safety tip on this matter would be to air out the house as much as possible. The chemical smell of the detergent will likely linger in your home. So to ensure you do not get sick, you should open all the doors and windows and leave the house afterward to avoid headaches.


If you do not own a steam vacuum and do not intend to buy one, there are other ways. Although the steam cleaning method being both applicable to carpets and residential upholstery is best, you can purchase professional services or resort to lesser methods. If you apply the teachings of this article, you can make sure you get your carpet and upholstery clean the right way!